Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Have you always wanted breasts that were a different size or shape? Every year, thousands of women enhance their figures and improve their Breast Augmentation self image and self confidence with breast augmentation. Is this the year you do the same?

Breast augmentation, or breast enhancement, is a surgical procedure that increases the size and enhances the shape of your breast by the insertion of an implant. Breast augmentation mammaplasty can enlarge your breasts, increase fullness and projection and improve symmetry.

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Procedure Information

  1. Why choose breast augmentation?
    • You might think your breasts are too small, disproportionate or out of balance with the rest of your body.
    • You might have lost size and firmness following pregnancy, weight loss, age or other causes.
    • Your breasts might not have developed to a desirable size after puberty.
    • Your breasts might be asymmetrical (unequal) or abnormally shaped.
    • You may choose a breast augmentation for reconstructive purposes to restore a breast that is lost due to mastectomy or injury.
    • Because every woman has different reasons to undergo breast augmentation, your surgical procedure is tailored to match your needs and expectations.
  2. The benefits of breast augmentation. It can:
    • Enlarge a naturally small breast
    • Restore breast volume lost following pregnancy or weight loss
    • Achieve better symmetry when breasts are disproportionate in size and shape
  3. What are my first steps?
    A consultation with one of the physicians at the Plastic Surgery Center is your essential first step. If you'd like to discuss your augmentation in more detail, call us at 316.688.7500 or request your consultation online today.
  4. Type of Implants

    The Plastic Surgery Center uses saline and gel implants. We generally use Natrelle® implants, but if a patient requests Mentor® implants, or has a warranty that requires a Mentor® device, we will use them.

  5. Gummy Bear Implants
    Introducing the Natrelle® 410. Finally, an alternative to round implants that's more true to the shape of a woman's breast. read more → New Gummy Bear Implants
  6. Where will my surgery be performed?
    Your surgery may be performed in our accredited ambulatory surgical suite or a hospital. The decision for anesthesia is based on the requirements of your specific procedure and considerations of your preference as well as your surgeon's. At the Plastic Surgery Center, your safety and comfort are very important. Your surgeon will also give you certain preoperative care instructions. While we have included some on our website, they are not be a substitute for your physician's instructions.
  7. Breast Augmentation Recovery Time and Expectations
    You may have swelling and discomfort during your initial healing that can be controlled with medication. You may return to light, normal activity when you feel ready - usually in a few days. Your healing will continue for several weeks. Your physician will provide you with more specific post op instructions. We have included some basic instructions on our website for pre op, post op and scar care, but they are not a substitute for your physician's specific guidelines.
  8. After Breast Augmentation
    Your results are immediately visible. Final results appear gradually over several weeks as the swelling lessens.
  9. Breast Augmentation Special
    Get a free BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment or kit of LATISSE® for yourself and a friend. Call for more info!
  10. Financing Your Procedure
    It's something you've always wanted to do, but something else was always there to hold you back. Well, not anymore. We offer CareCredit, a card designed specifically for your health and beauty needs. CareCredit can help you move forward with getting the procedure you've always wanted. With convenient monthly payment options, no up-front costs and no prepayment penalties you can get your procedure sooner. Apply For Care Credit

Natrelle Gel Special with Breast Augmentation

Choose Natrelle Gel for your breast augmentation and receive a FREE treatment of BOTOX®!

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