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Beautiful Skin from Head to Toe

You may have heard about the fantastic results achieved with BBL treatments. You may also know that BBL can help improve beautiful skin from head to toe!

We’ve got exciting news for you – we’ve upgraded our BBL to the BBL® HERO. The treatment is much faster, there’s less discomfort, and you get more for the same price.

The BBL® HERO™ delivers light energy to stimulate your skin cells to regenerate and restore your skin’s youthful appearance. With this amazing treatment, we can eliminate the visible signs of aging, such as age spots, sunspots, freckles, redness, and dull-looking skin.

What’s more, with the BBL® HERO™, we can treat you head to toe! The HERO provides impressive results while you’re more comfortable and enjoy little to no downtime.

How does the HERO work?

The treatment uses intense pulsed light to target the pigment within your skin. It flashes specialized light as our laser technicians quickly move it across your treatment area. The pigment is initially darkened, helping you know that you had an optimal treatment. Within the next several days, your body’s natural healing process removes the pigmented cells and replaces them with fresh, new, undamaged cells.

Does it hurt?

Patients can generally tolerate the treatment without any anesthetic numbing cream. You will feel some warmth with each flash of light.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments depends on the severity of your pigmentation concerns. A typical patient requires a minimum of three treatments.

How long before I see results?

This varies depending on the individual, the area being treated, and the settings we use. Most patients begin to see results in two-four weeks.

What is the post-care?

It is important to wear a physical barrier sunscreen, clothing, and limit your sun exposure after your treatment.

We’re excited to bring you the BBL® HERO™ to treat visible signs of aging and sun damage anywhere on your body in just minutes and with little to no downtime. Interested in learning more? Contact PSC Aesthetics of the Plastic Surgery Center at 316.688.7500.

Real Patients. Real Results.

Our real Plastic Surgery Center patient, Katie, explains her first treatment with the HERO for redness on her face.

Tell us about your journey to the BBL® HERO Treatment:

Katie: I have all over redness on my face. When my makeup comes off, my cheeks, chin, and nose are red, and you can really see the vascularity. My face gets even redder when I am out in the sun or even drink red wine. I really have symptoms of rosacea, and I want to get to a point where I don’t have to wear makeup all the time. This led me to the BBL® HERO treatment.

Describe the day of the procedure:

Katie: It took less than 15 minutes to treat my whole face. The best way to describe it is that it felt a little “spicy,” but it was super quick, and the feeling didn’t linger. The treatment is so fast that I didn’t need any pain assistance. After the treatment, my face felt warm and flushed, and I went right back to work. The next day, I looked 80% back to normal. I do have sensitive skin, so I had some residual, very mild inflammation.

When did you notice your results?

Katie: I have noticed a little bit of improvement, and I am really excited to see what my next treatments bring. Because I have such severe redness, I will do two more treatments about two to four weeks apart. Once I have the results I’m looking for, I’ll go into maintenance mode and have a treatment every three months or so.

Do you have advice for people considering the BBL Hero?

Katie: The treatments are so quick and easy and require no downtime. You can do them over your lunch break! I would say, “Just do it.” It’s the best treatment for getting rid of redness, age spots, and making your skin look better.

Final Thoughts

You deserve expert guidance and exceptional results. Plastic surgery involves many choices. The most important is selecting a surgeon you can trust. Expect exceptional results when your plastic surgery is performed by the highly skilled plastic surgeons at the Plastic Surgery Center.