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new year new you

Nearly everyone makes New Year’s resolutions. The goal is to choose the resolutions that you can follow through to completion. The New Year’s resolutions that often stick are the ones aimed at health and self-improvement.

Let’s look to a new year, new you and 2022 goals tailored for you! Continue reading

Jump Start Your Self-Esteem with Mommy Makeover Surgery

Many women eat right and exercise daily, but their bodies just don’t look and feel like they want. They are looking for ways to regain their shape and restore their self-confidence. Pregnancy, childbirth, breast feeding, aging, and extreme weight loss make a lasting mark on a woman’s body, but it’s never too late to change the way you look and feel. Diet and exercise may help, but often times your body can only be tightened through surgery. Continue reading

Self care snd the mommy makeover

“This is the body I have to live in forever, and I want to love every inch of it,” explains our Mommy Makeover patient.

Having recently had her Mommy Makeover including a breast augmentation and tummy tuck, we sat down with one of our real patients to share her story and her real results with you. Let’s explore self care and the Mommy Makeover.

Our Patient’s Story

This mom of three started researching the Mommy Makeover after her third child. She’d had twins at 19, and she felt like her tummy stretched to the max as she created two lives at the same time. Then, she had her third child, and her stomach continued to stretch. In addition, she breastfed her little ones for 30 months, causing her breasts to drastically change shape.

Our patient tells us she never felt confident in her body until she visited with one of our surgeons who made her feel safe and comfortable with her decision. At this point, she decided to go ahead with her surgeries.

She tells us the afternoon of her surgery she felt sleepy and sore. She stopped for a salad on the way home from surgery, felt like eating, and then took a nap. As several days passed, she says, “I felt very tight and sore in my abdomen region and chest area.” She explains she was hunched over for about two and a half weeks, but she kept moving the whole time.

At this point, she says, “I felt positive and excited for my results.” Graciously she explains her pain only lasted a week. She tells us she needed her husband’s help for the first two days: he helped her get to the bathroom, walk around, shower, and stay current on her pain meds. Our patient says, “I was pretty much a newborn baby. I was resting and healing for two weeks and thankfully my mother watched my three kids the whole time so I could have my husband’s help whenever I needed him.”


She goes on to explain that her soreness was very manageable and lasted about a month. At just two weeks after surgery, she says she was pretty much back to normal. She was cautious about what she picked up or how hard she worked her body, but she was glad to return to normal household duties and keeping her children entertained.

Mommy Makeover Results

As for her results, our Mommy Makeover patients explains, “I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t have to go through the ‘swell hell’ stage. I hear it can be very disappointing to deal with because you don’t get to see your results until your swelling goes away. For me, I could tell right away that my breasts had life in them again. My tummy was so tight it was like I never even had kids. It was the best feeling ever.”

Our patient tells us she is incredibly happy with her results. She says, “I’ve never been so confident while being a mom. This is exactly how I imagined my body would look. My surgeon went above and beyond!”

She goes on to say, “This procedure has changed my life. That may sound cheesy, but it’s not. This is the body I have to live in forever, and I want to love every inch of it. Every day I would complain to myself how much I hated my body. I knew that diet and exercise would never get rid of the skin, and this was heartbreaking. I hated looking in the mirror, I wore baggy clothes, and I avoided dressing up.” She says now she can throw on her favorite jeans without having to tuck in her loose skin.


Her surgery was life-changing, and she wants our readers to know the following:

  • Do your homework. Research plastic surgeons, ask questions, and watch videos so you know what to expect.
  • Buy yourself an electric recliner. She says it’s an absolute must. She slept in it for weeks, and it helped her stand up and sit down because she was too sore to engage her core.
  • Schedule the surgery. She says, “You won’t regret it. We moms deserve this. We work so hard to take care of our children that we often forget ourselves.”


Ready for your Mommy Makeover, which may include a tummy tuck, breast procedure, and liposuction? Your first step is a consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons to discuss your goals and create a plan– call 316-688-7500 for your appointment. You can also schedule your consult here >>

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