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Tummy Tucks Can Improve Bladder Control

Yes, you read the title right – tummy tucks can improve bladder control.

One of the little known and unexpected results of a tummy tuck can be improved bladder control.

If you are one of the millions of women worldwide who suffer from a weak bladder, whether from childbirth or aging, this article is for you. Continue reading

Five Tummy Tuck Questions to AskConsidering surgery is an important decision, and plastic surgery involves many choices. It helps to have all the information in front of you before making a decision.

How do you decide if you’re ready to have a tummy tuck? First you’ll want to think about tummy tuck questions to ask your surgeon. Continue reading

Surgery After Massive Weight LossAs the days get warmer and we head towards summer, many look forward to shedding bulky, winter clothing. For some people, getting ready for summer is more than merely taking off clothing – it may mean eliminating the excess skin that remains after weight loss. People who lose a massive amount of weight are ecstatic about their weight loss. Continue reading