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***Updated October 18, 2020***

nates coolsculpting journey

Nate and Kaleigh are set up and ready to go.

Did you know men benefit from CoolSculpting as well as women?

We are treating Nate with Coolsculpting at PSC Aesthetics. We’ve made his treatments super easy for him because we are utilizing “dual sculpting.” This means we can treat two areas as the same time, and Nate can get in and out of our offices faster.

dual sculpting

Dual Sculpting makes treatment time that much faster.

In this article, we look at Nate’s CoolSculpting journey.

nate reading

You can read, watch a movie, or check your email during your CoolSculpting treatment just like Nate.

Who is Nate?

Nate is an active 40-year-old male who has always had stubborn areas of fat that won’t disappear with diet and exercise.  We are treating him with five cycles of Coolsculpting on his abdomen and flanks (love handles).  He will have his second treatment four weeks after his first treatment.  Keep watching for updates!

Nate Getting Marked for Treatment

Check out these photos – they show you where Nate is being treated.

Nate’s 3 Week After Photos

The day after Nate’s first treatment, he was a little sore but described it as feeling like he’d done an intense ab workout.

He was back to lifting weights at day three and running at day six. The reason it took longer to get back to running is because his abdomen was more sensitive than usual, and the impact from running was just a little uncomfortable.

He has gone down one pant size already and has not lost any additional pounds since his first treatment!

Take a look at Nate’s photos three weeks after his first treatment. He is due for another treatment in a few weeks.

Check back often as we’ll update his journey with new after photos.



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