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front Some of our patients come to us not quite ready for a facelift but looking for options to improve the visible signs of aging and the issues that go along with it.

This was the case for our patient, Jary M. He came to us looking to improve his field of vision as his upper eyelids were drooping. After visiting with us, he learned about comprehensive eyelid surgery and how he could also get rid of the bags under his eyes and improve the contours of his neck. Let’s look at these procedures. Continue reading

Watch as our medical esthetician, Lexie, treats a patient with the Eclipse MicroPen at the Plastic Surgery Center.


Micro-Needling (also known as Collagen Induction Therapy or CIT) is a new innovation in aesthetic medicine for treating the appearance of fine lines, acne scars and improving your skin’s overall appearance.


Fine lines and wrinkles are the often the first signs of aging. Over time, sun exposure and repeated muscle movement are the main contributing factors. Smoking, stress, a fair complexion and poor diet can also contribute to accelerated aging of the skin. Eventually, everyone has to confront the fact that fine lines wrinkles are inevitable.

Acne Scars

Almost everyone has suffered from acne at one time or another. Hormones, stress, diet and other variables can lead to acne breakouts. Untreated or poorly managed acne can lead to scarring.

Fortunately There Is A Solution

With MicroPen, we can face the wrinkles head-on and reduce the appearance of fine lines. We can also treat healthy skin to prevent wrinkles from forming as quickly. The MicroPen can also address acne scarring and improve the skin’s appearance.

Interested in learning more about microneedling? Curious if the treatment is right for you? Click the button below to request your consultation with Lexie today!

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Resist Signs Aging Before and After Photos

 (This article was originally published in the November 2014 issue of Splurge Magazine.)

Nothing gives away your age faster than loose skin on your cheeks, jowls, at the jaw line, under the chin and along the neck. A minimally invasive procedure called Laser Facial Sculpting can help you firmly resist the signs of aging from the inside out.

Laser Facial Sculpting provides many of the benefits of a traditional face lift but without the downtime. Laser Facial Sculpting gently targets trouble spots where the skin becomes lax on the face and neck.

This laser provides skin tightening and collagen stimulation for results that are long-lasting. You’ll find the treatment can improve skin discoloration and lines, and it can sculpt and tone areas of your face and neck.

The benefits of Laser Facial Sculpting are many:

  • It’s a minimally invasive procedure
  • Minimal downtime is required
  • It gently targets trouble spots where skin becomes lax
  • It’s more permanent than many injectables

Our patient, Linda, had prominent jowls that bothered her. By using Laser Facial Sculpting, our plastic surgeon was able to sculpt, tone and tighten her skin to give her a long-lasting, natural and more refreshed look. She opted for a Brow Lift at the same time to lift her eyes and restore a younger-looking brow line.

If you are interested in Laser Facial Sculpting or any facial cosmetic procedure, your first step is a consultation at the Plastic Surgery Center with one of our board certified plastic surgeons.

Patient Testimonial

Real Plastic Surgery Center Laser Facial Sculpting and Brow Lift patient, Linda, says, “No one ever guesses I am as old as I am thanks to my surgery!”

Tell us about your journey to Laser Facial Sculpting:

Linda: I’d had a problem with my left eye looking squinty. I finally decided to see a plastic surgeon and learned a Brow Lift could fix my issue. I’d also always hated my droopy, “dog” jowls; they were getting worse as time passed. My plastic surgeon recommended Laser Facial Sculpting to lift my jowls. I decided to have both procedures at the same time.

Tell us about the day of your surgery and how you felt after:

Linda: I had my surgery at the office and went home that same day. I didn’t have too much pain. I only took pain pills for a couple of days.

My surgeon told me to expect the worst swelling at three days, and that is exactly what happened. It went down quickly. I didn’t have much downtime at all – it was pretty much smooth sailing.

When did you notice your results?

Linda: At my follow-up appointment, I noticed a considerable difference in my jowls and my brow. It was about six months before my results were complete.

Are you happy with your results?

Linda: Yes! I look naturally refreshed, and I am much more confident now! It was such a gradual change; no one noticed I’d had surgery. When I went back to work they said, “Wow! You look so rested. You must have had a great holiday!”

That is exactly how I feel. My small scars are hidden under my hair and not noticeable. I look brighter and younger. I am so happy I had Laser Facial Sculpting and a Brow lift.

Do you have advice for people considering cosmetic surgery?

Linda: I highly recommend it! You’ll feel so much better about yourself. I love this office. Everyone is so friendly, and they make you feel like part of a family. They put me at ease, and I knew they’d do their best for me.

You deserve expert guidance and exceptional results.
Plastic surgery involves many choices. The most important is selecting a surgeon you can trust. Expect exceptional results when you have your procedures performed by plastic surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and who are members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. These specially trained doctors have at least six years of surgical training and experience, with a minimum of three years of plastic surgery.