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You’ve most likely heard the term, “Brazilian Butt Lift.” In the surgical community, this is known as a butt augmentation.

We recently visited with two of our patients to discuss their experience with the Brazilian Butt Lift and how they’re doing months after their surgeries.

First, let’s look at butt augmentation and why our patients opted for this procedure. Continue reading

front Some of our patients come to us not quite ready for a facelift but looking for options to improve the visible signs of aging and the issues that go along with it.

This was the case for our patient, Jary M. He came to us looking to improve his field of vision as his upper eyelids were drooping. After visiting with us, he learned about comprehensive eyelid surgery and how he could also get rid of the bags under his eyes and improve the contours of his neck. Let’s look at these procedures. Continue reading