Fat Grafting

Laser Facial Sculpting

As you age, your underlying collagen and elastic begin to break down and wrinkles emerge. You might also lose some subcutaneous fat on your face, causing it to look haggard, hollow, or even skeletal. Fat grafting can help.

Fat grafting involves taking small amounts of fat from one part of your body and reimplanting it somewhere else. This fat can be implanted to the lips, the nasolabial folds (the folds from the corners of your mouth to your nose), the under eye areas, the cheeks and other parts of your face and body. It can help restore a youthful look to your face and even correct problems such as acne scars. Fat grafting may be further enhanced by face lift surgery or laser resurfacing.

You may have fat grafting under the eyes, on the temples, the cheeks, chin, lips and jaw line. This procedure involves both a donor site (where the fat is taken from) and the treatment site (where it is being put).

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Procedure Information

  1. What are my first steps?
    A consultation with one of the physicians at the Plastic Surgery Center is your essential first step to learn how fat grafting can improve the appearance of your face. If you're ready to schedule your consultation and discuss your facial procedure in more detail, call us at 316.688.7500 or request your consultation online today.
  2. Where will my surgery be performed?
    Your surgery is performed in our accredited ambulatory surgical suite. Sedation anesthesia is usually used. At the Plastic Surgery Center, your safety and comfort are very important. Your surgeon will also give you certain preoperative care instructions. While we have included some on our website, they are not a substitute for your physician's instructions.
  3. Fat Grafting Recovery Time and Expectations
    Some patients report mild bruising and swelling. Most of the swelling will be gone in 2-3 weeks. Your physician will provide you with more specific post op instructions. We have included some basic instructions on our website, but they are not a substitute for your physician's specific guidelines.
  4. After Fat Grafting
    The outcome of fat grafting is initially exaggerated, and treated areas may start out seeming too full. This resolves, usually by 5-6 weeks postop. Fat grafting must be initially "overdone" because up to 50% of injected fat can resorb in the first several weeks after the procedure. The correction noted at about six weeks postop is typically quite stable, giving the area a natural, healthy fullness.
  5. Financing Your Procedure
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