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A Stitch in Time

Rejuvenate Your Facial Contours with a PDO Thread Lift

As people age, gravity takes over and often creates unwanted results when it comes to facial contours. Some men and women experience jowling, skin laxity or sagging in their neck and cheeks, and drooping eyelids. Yet, these same people may not be ready for a surgical facelift, or they may want an alternative to surgery.

This is where the PDO Thread Lift comes in.

The good news is the PDO Thread Lift can help tighten loose skin and restore a more youthful appearance. This in turn can help you feel better about yourself. Wondering what the PDO Thread Lift Is? Let’s take a look at a “stitch in time” and learn about one treatment to rejuvenate your facial contours.

These are PDO Thread Lift results, but this is not Sasha as it’s too early for her after photos.

What is a PDO Thread Lift?

It’s a revolutionary aesthetic treatment that results in instant firming and tightening. The thread is made up of a complex polydioxanone, a sugar that stimulates your own body to produce collagen in the area it’s placed. This promotes smoother skin, reducing folds and lax skin. In addition, it promotes production of your body’s own collagen that results in a renewal of your skin at the cellular level. You’ll find you have better skin texture, fewer lines, and wrinkles, as well as a more lifted, youthful appearance.

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

It generally takes less than an hour. What’s more, you can go right on back to work or your daily activities.

What Happens During Treatment?

We numb your treatment site first, so you are comfortable. Once you’re numb, we insert the PDO threads through cannulas beneath the skin, place the anchor, and then pull the cannula out leaving the PDO thread in place. The ends of the threads are tied and cut off, and they disappear under the skin acting as anchors creating a firmer, more lifted appearance.

What Happens After Treatment?

You will have swelling and possible bruising for two weeks, so be gentle during your cleansing routine. For two weeks, avoid dental treatments and heavy exercise, and sleep on your back.

These are PDO Thread Lift results, but this is not Sasha as it’s too early for her after photos.

Can You Customize My Treatment?

Yes! We customize each treatment to our patient’s goals, skin type, and skin texture. Your results will depend on how much lift and skin tightening you’re hoping to achieve.

When Do I See Results?

Some lifting and contouring effects are visible immediately. You’ll also notice your results improve over one-two months. Your age determines how quickly your body produces new collagen which is responsible for plumping cheeks, smoothing wrinkles, and filling lines. During this time, try to avoid a diet high in sugar, alcohol, or smoking.

How Long Do the Threads Last?

Your threads should last about a year, but this is different for every patient. We follow up with patients around six weeks to determine if any touch up is needed.

Can I Still Use Botox and Dermal Fillers?

Absolutely. Many patients find these treatments complement their thread lift nicely.

These are PDO Thread Lift results, but this is not Sasha as it’s too early for her after photos.

Real Patients. Real Results.

Sasha recently had a PDO thread lift treatment, and she says the best part is when she takes a selfie now!

Explain your journey to the PDO Thread Lift:

Sasha: I had noticed more jowling than I’d like over the last few years. Due to my age and being thin, I had lost volume in my lower cheek and jawline area and around my eyes. I wasn’t ready for a facelift, so I turned to the PDO Thread Lift.

How did you feel during and after treatment?

Sasha: They numbed my face with lidocaine. It only took about 45 minutes, and all I felt was some pressure and pulling. I took some Tylenol afterwards and used ice packs. I wasn’t too swollen after and had some bruising, but I went right back to work.

When did you notice your results?

Sasha: I noticed instant lifting in my cheeks and eyes. I am only a week out, so my results will continue to get better.

Are you happy with your results?

Sasha: Yes! I would do it again.

Do you have advice for people considering facial contouring with the PDO Thread Lift?

Sasha: If you’re 40+ and notice jowls and facial features that are starting to fall, you can prolong the need for a facelift with a PDO Thread Lift. You don’t have a surgical scar, and it is cost effective. It’s a great way to feel and look younger, naturally.

Final Thoughts on the PDO Thread Lift

When it comes to facial contouring, you have many options at the Plastic Surgery Center and PSC Aesthetics, and we are here to help you!

Contact us today to decide if a PDO Thread Lift is the right treatment for you. If you’re ready to explore your facial contouring options, call us at 316-688-7500, or request your consultation.