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Procedural Hair Restoration at Plastic Surgery Center in Wichita

If you’re one of the millions of men and women in the United States with pattern hair loss, we can help.

For many people with hair loss, it won’t improve without professional intervention, and this is where we come in with hair transplants in Wichita.

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Procedural Hair Restoration

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What it Treats

Unwanted hair

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1+ hours

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How It Works

Dr. Andrew Berry, MD is our medical director of hair restoration surgery. Thoroughly trained by a respected and internationally recognized leader and pioneer of hair restoration, Dr. Berry understands the proper techniques required to create an optimal, natural result and is extremely passionate about performing hair transplantation at the highest level.

Dr. Berry offers follicular unit transplantation (FUT) for surgical hair restoration. Simply put, this procedure involves moving hair follicles from one area with a surplus to an area with a deficit. Around the world, FUT is widely considered the gold standard of surgical hair restoration. This can be done to restore missing hair due to well-known patterns of male and female hair loss, to create a hairline that was never present, to augment facial hair, or to reconstruct hair lost from accidents, burn injuries or birth defects. In many cases, thousands of follicles are able to be moved at once, delivering a major cosmetic improvement after just one session.

The treatment begins with a consultation. In addition to a history and physical exam, Dr. Berry will assess your degree of hair loss, anticipated future hair loss, and evaluate how many hair follicles may be available for transplantation.

What happens during the surgery:

On the day of surgery, Dr. Berry marks the donor site as well as the new hairline and other areas to be grafted. You are involved with this process to ensure these markings match what you desire. You then take a nice nap under IV sedation and the donor hair strip is removed and meticulously closed by Dr. Berry with care taken to make scarring as undetectable as possible. The hair grafts are then carefully processed one-by-one by well-trained hair transplantation medical technicians under a powerful microscope. Every single graft is then personally transplanted by Dr. Berry. Your head will be wrapped in a post-operative dressing, and you are able to leave our facility shortly after completion of the six-eight hour procedure.

While this procedure might sound straight forward, there are many nuances to be aware of that make all the difference in the outcome of your procedure. Here are a few important factors to consider:

  • Know who is actually performing your procedure. Most hair restoration institutions utilize licensed medical technologists. They are a vital part of the procedure because of the amount of work required to process the follicles in a timely fashion. However, many institutions will allow these technologists to perform the actual transplantation of follicles. At the Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Berry, a Plastic Surgeon, personally transplants every single follicle in order to ensure the highest quality outcome.
  •  Aesthetic artistry is imperative for a natural result. The overall shape and level of the hairline contributes significantly to facial aesthetics and a youthful appearance. Your surgeon’s understanding of the artistic balancing of your hairline as it relates to your face is crucial for giving you the best result. There is no magical, widely applicable formula to create a natural hairline or strong head of hair. Every patient is different and requires a tailored, artistic approach to achieve a natural result.
  • Attention to detail is a must. Your surgeon’s intraoperative, real-time appreciation of hair direction, density, and patterning at different areas of the scalp is crucial to create an ideal result. For instance, a natural hairline is not totally straight. Some degree of irregularity is actually required and should be tactically reconstructed. Dr. Berry takes great care to match the direction, density and patterning of adjacent hair with your implanted follicles in order to blend in and appear totally natural long-term.

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Hear From Our Patients


It was my first time getting fillers and Shelby was the absolute sweetest and throughly explained everything. She’s very knowledgeable and made sure I was okay through out the procedure, because I was anxious. If you’re debating on trying something out, book a free consult with her! She’s awesome and can help with your desired look. the front desk ladies are sweet too! 🙂


I’ve been seeing Shelby for a little over a year and a half now for fillers and Botox, and not once have I been disappointed! Shelby is so thorough and really listens to your wants and needs! I can’t stress how important it is to do your research when in the market for an injector. Shelby checks all of the boxes for me, she gets a 10/10 from me! Here is a photo of my fillers a few hours post injection and one three days healed!


Everyone from the surgeons to the entire staff are committed to give the best care to their patients. Everyone is friendly, nice and welcoming!! I would not even consider going anyplace but The Plastic Surgery Center!! They are “the best of the best”!


Kaleigh is the best at helping me keep my skin healthy, especially dermaplane! I have been going to her for several years. She educates me on my skin’s needs but does not pressure me to purchase products. The entire staff has been friendly too.


I have been going to see Shelby for 3 years now and have fell in love with her and the amazing job she does on my Botox. She gets it right every time and is always giving tips as well as great advice on other services available. If you are getting Botox and looking for a new injection professional reach out to PSC and ask for Shelby you won’t regret it!


Well-trained, friendly staff. I switched to PSC 3 years ago because of all the upselling going on at the last 2 places I was using. PSC always does a great job, and I’ve never had to go back for ‘corrections’ on any service.


Lisa was nice . Friendly and professional staff. The place is nice


I love Victoria and all the staff! They are so nice and have great customer service!

– Robin

I had a phenomenal experience! I felt totally comfortable and am looking forward to booking my procedure!!

– Katie

Brandy is awesome, sweet and very gentle! Absolutely enjoyed seeing her. She let me know each time what was going on. Very Professional.

– Mindy

Sasha is great very professional and knowledgeable!

– Misty

Everyone was so welcoming and kind. Thank you for making my tough situation a better one.

– Rebecca

Dr. Nataliya Biskup was very professional, listened to my issues, and made me feel comfortable. The entire staff are friendly and professional.

– Cathy

Friendly and knowledgeable! Kaleigh is the best!

– Jennifer

Dr. Biskup and her staff were amazing with my daughter. They explained everything and were so kind!

– Karsyn

I love coming to see Shelby . She always gives you what you need and is always honest . Shelby leaves you feeling like you don’t need to add Snapchat filters to your pics !

– Vanessa

Victoria is amazing!! Made my first experience comfortable and answered all questions I had!

– Andrea

Sasha is awesome. She explained the procedure and follow-up in a way that was easy to understand. She is very knowledgeable about her profession and a real pleasure to work with.

– Marci

I got my filler for the first time with Shelby and I’m so happy I went to her! She was so helpful and educated me on all the questions I had! Never going to anyone else and HIGHLY recommend her to everyone!

– Kathryn

Brandy was amazing and very knowledgeable in what fillers I needed where. She took the time to explain things to me and made me feel very comfortable.

– Tara

Dr. Sprole and her staff are kind and courteous.

– Jamie

From the moment I called to ask questions, to the moment I left the building from my consultation, every single person I talked to was so kind, nonjudgmental, genuinely smiled, and answered every question I had. Some of which I didn’t know I had!! The doctor that I saw was incredible and listened to my concerns, my wants, and explained my future surgery in a way that I understood. I felt like everyone cared about me as a person and I never felt like just another paycheck or another patient.

– Chandra

It is easy to see why so many primary care providers send their patients to the Plastic Surgery Center and to Dr. Amy Sprole in particular. During my visit for surgery to remove Squamous Cell and my post-op visit to remove stitches, everything was perfect. The staff are friendly and efficient and put me at ease each time. Dr. Sprole’s reassurance that she removed all of the cancer was a great relief. I look forward to my six week follow up to check that everything is back to normal.

– Bruce

Shelby is not only an amazing RN who does a phenomenal job at making sure I have great physical results but also the perfect cheerleader for my confidence! I still want a pocket Shelby to carry around all day!

– Tina

As you walk in you get a feeling of a place that is warm and caring. A feeling that everyone is there to make sure you are going to get the highest respect and care you deserve as a patient new or for continue care.

– Neil

Dr. Spaniol was very good explaining the procedure needed and has an excellent demeanor!

– Richard

Dr. Amy Sprole and her team were amazing in helping us understand the upcoming procedures. We never felt pressured and left my appointment feeling very well informed and confident.

– Stephanie

Brandy was absolutely amazing, as always! I had started getting migraines again, and due to school being out I had to bring two of my kids, but I really needed to get my Botox done. It’s always stressful bringing kids to appointments. Brandy and the staff were very kind and welcoming, putting this momma’s mind at ease. Thank you for making my day a little less stressful and for the quick, painless treatment.

– Brandie

Karly at the front desk, and Shelby my practitioner were both welcoming, knowledgeable and friendly.

– Amber

Everyone that I have dealt with has just been great. Dr. Spaniol is the best.

– Diana

Everyone here is very friendly. They do an amazing job from rooming, how quick you get back and how well the Surgeon explains your procedure and options. The office is very nice. The waiting room is very comfortable.

– Brandy

The customer service at the front desk was great! The girls were friendly and helpful and answered all of my questions. I was able to check in and out, quickly and with ease.

– Megan

Shelby is amazing! She knows what she’s doing and she listens to my concerns!!

– Elizabeth

Everyone is so friendly and professional. Brandy always answers my questions ( sometimes l ask a lot lol) she is very easy to talk to. Thank you for all you do on the West side. I love that you do specials.

– Jan

I was very impressed with The Plastic Surgery Center. Dr. Sprole and Katie, her nurse, were very kind, thorough and answered all of my questions to my satisfaction. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

– Susan

I’ve gone to Victoria for many years now and she remains my favorite. She is real and will honestly discuss with you the up side and the down side of the various treatments. She is very conscious that enhancement treatments be done so that the outcome in not “plastic-looking” but just a refreshed appearance.

– Lori

Love Vicki. She is so good at making you feel like a friend remembering details you’ve shared with her. She is an asset.

– Stephanie

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