Patient Details
Our 44-year-old woman came to Dr. Joseph Spaniol because her reconstructed breasts always felt “uncomfortable.” She had breast cancer treated in Indiana with reconstruction below the pectoralis muscles and acellular dermal matrix for lower pole support. Since her reconstruction, she states she suffered from upper arm tightness and a constant feeling of chest muscle strain. She had to sleep with something in between her breasts to help her get comfortable, and she lived with perpetual tightness in her chest and upper back. She said she “aches all the time and cannot get comfortable.” The pain affected her activities and her posture on a daily basis. She tried heating pads and a wide variety of bras to no avail. In her photos, you can see her implants were still quite high despite her reconstruction being years ago, and she has animation with contraction of her chest muscles.

Dr. Spaniol proceeded with replacement of her previous implants with new implants in the prepectoral position (on top of the pectoralis muscles), with acellular dermal matrix (AlloDerm) for an internal bra support. She is shown her eight weeks after surgery, with her implants in a much more natural position and no animation when she flexes her chest muscles. All of her symptoms have resolved, and she is able to sleep comfortably.

Next step is 3D nipple tattooing with our esthetician, Sasha Parks!