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What are Lipo-B Injections?

You may have heard about injections for weight loss. Did you know that we now offer them at our very own PSC Wellness and Weight Loss?

In this article, we explore Lipo-B injections and tell you just what they are and how they might benefit you!

Just What are Lipo-B Injections?

First, lipotropic injections are made of Amino Acids and B Vitamins. These agents work together to optimize your liver and improve the speed at which your body metabolizes fat. This helps remove fat cells from your body.

Lipo-B injections help trigger your body’s natural ability to burn fats and calories.

Lipotropic injections help your liver to ensure it can properly remove fat. Additional ingredients such as B-12 may further help with your weight loss as B-12 improves overall body function and energy.

These injections might be just what you are currently missing in your weight loss regime. They can help you achieve your goals!

How Much Weight Can You Lose with Lipo-B Injections?

You can expect a gradual transformation of your body when you combine lipotropic injections with a targeted nutrition and lifestyle plan.

Because body types vary, some people lose weight faster than others. In general, most people report losing about one to four pounds per week.

How Often Do You Need Lipo-B Injections?

This depends on your particular treatment plan. Our weight loss specialist and care team tell you how often you need lipotropic injections.

As a general rule for maximum weight loss, we recommend weekly lipotropic injections for the first month.

This gives your Amino Acid levels and Vitamin B levels a boost. After the first month, we reassess our patients and provide guidance on the frequency of future injections.

Are There Other Benefits?

In addition to boosting your body’s ability to burn fat, lipotropic injections may have several other health benefits including:

  • Improved heart health
  • Liver detoxification
  • Restoration of hormone imbalances
  • Enhanced digestive efficiency
  • Improved energy levels
  • Improved concentration and mental clarity
  • Enhanced physical endurance

To Conclude

Are you looking for a comprehensive weight loss and wellness plan? You are in the right place.

Are you looking to complement your current wellness goals or lose a little weight to prepare for surgery with one of our amazing plastic surgeons?

Perhaps you want to finally break that weight loss plateau and find more energy!

Either way, you can rest assured that PSC Wellness and Weight Loss can help!

We offer customized plans created exclusively for you based on your goals and expectations. We are here with one-on-one support from a team of professional, caring weight loss and wellness experts. Give us a call at 316-688-7500 to learn more or use the form below.

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