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 What Will Your Skin Reveal?

We’re so excited to introduce you to our state-of-the-art photo imaging system, VISIA® Skin Analysis! This new system lets us take in-depth pictures of your skin and analyze them using cross-polarized light.

We now can see what is under the layers of your skin.

What Will Your Skin Reveal?

Our skin care aestheticians can analyze your skin and then customize a treatment plan to correct any damage they see. Plus, they can also use the images to create a plan to prevent future damage to your face.

Once your treatments begin, our aestheticians can also track your progress during your skincare journey so you can see the real benefits under your skin.

How does VISIA Skin Analysis work?

The machine scans your skin, and it looks for several things:

  • Spots: The system gives us better identification of brown and red spots that may be signs of skin damage, hyperpigmentation, freckling, melasma, and other photodamage.
  • Wrinkles: VISIA identifies any creases, from fine lines and wrinkles to deep furrows and folds, so that we can identify a treatment plan.
  • Texture: We can see skin texture irregularities that affect the smoothness of your skin, so we can help improve your skin texture.
  • Pores: Your pores are small openings all over your body. When pores overproduce sebum or become large, they can appear black. VISA identifies them and can show you how specific products and treatments can help.
  • UV Spots: We can see the spots on your skin from sun damage that we can’t see with the naked eye.
  • Brown Spots: We can see the pigmentation and discoloration on and beneath the surface of your skin.
  • Red Areas: The analysis shows us the concentrated darker red areas that may be related to inflammation or even spider veins.
  • Porphyrins: These are associated with acne, and VISIA allows us to see your clogged pores.

What else does VISIA Skin Analysis do?

We can determine your skin age relative to your actual age and compare skin changes over time.

This helps us develop a more targeted treatment program for your specific needs. We can also track your progress and treatment outcomes.

Using the Advanced Aging Simulation, the software predicts how you may age up to age 80. It can show you both aging and reversal.

What happens during my appointment?

You sit in front of the system, and it scans your face. We capture left, right, and front facial views in just minutes. Then, we’ll look at the scans on the computer. This is your baseline for treatment.

Down the line, we can provide before and after photos so you can see how your skin treatment program is working.

Am I a candidate for VISIA?

Do you want to identify your skin texture, tone, sun damage, and pigmentation issues? Do you want to compare your skin care treatments’ progress and improvement over time? Are you interested in knowing your actual skincare age?

If so, then yes, you are a great candidate!

What happens after my VISIA Skin Analysis?

We present you with a treatment plan, and you can decide what you’d like to do then. Ready for your VISIA Skin Analysis with Kaleigh or Sasha? Contact us today at 316-688-7500 to schedule your complimentary VISIA Skin Analysis!

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