Welcome to the Plastic Surgery Center


Times are exciting at Plastic Surgery Center. While we say goodbye to Dr. Bruce Ferris as he retires, we bring on two new plastic surgeons, Dr. Joseph Spaniol and Dr. Andrew Berry. Last month, we introduced you to Dr. Berry, and this month, we introduce you to Dr. Spaniol.

As we bring on new plastic surgeons, we find ourselves needing to grow. We break ground in September on our east office expansion at 1861 N. Webb Road.

Dr. Amy Sprole says, “Initially, my interest was in expanding our level of accreditation so we could take care of a greater number of patients with a variety of different insurance plans including Medicare. But as I was researching this project, I was in the process of recruiting a new plastic surgeon to join our practice in anticipation of Dr. Ferris’s retirement. Last spring, I interviewed two surgeons who seemed perfect for the job. So, I invited both surgeons to join our team. With the combination of adding two new surgeons AND expanding the number of insurance plans we are able to accommodate with expanded accreditation, it became clear we also needed more operating rooms.”

The more than $2 million project and new operating room at the east side office will bring new jobs to the community while also serving the healthcare needs of people from other counties. With the project we can take care of our patients right in our own facility where we set and meet the highest standards.

“I am so excited about this new chapter at Plastic Surgery Center! It has been my long-time vision to eventually grow and expand our practice in this way. I’m so happy to see it all coming together at this time,” explains Dr. Sprole.

Over the next several years you can also watch our current west Wichita presence at 3931 N. Ridge Road grow with a possible larger facility and a second Ambulatory Surgery Center.

One of the best things about Plastic Surgery Center is the camaraderie of a group practice. Dr. Sprole continues, “It’s fun to work with peers and help one another. We learn from one another through the exchange of ideas and experiences. With a larger facility for our group, we are able to serve more patients in the environment we have created for them. Plastic Surgery Center is built on a reputation of excellence, and we always strive to exceed our patients’ expectations. We can do this most effectively in the environment that we have customized for our patients’ experience.”

Dr. Sprole’s ultimate goal is for Plastic Surgery Center and PSC Aesthetics to be the go-to practice for all our community’s aesthetic and reconstructive surgical and skincare needs. With four surgeons and five members on our aesthetics team, patients find the full spectrum of plastic surgery and aesthetic skincare.

“I want our referring doctors and our self-referred patients from the community to know we are here to serve them at both our east and west locations. We always strive to provide an exceptional and well-rounded experience,” says Dr. Sprole.

If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation with our surgical or skincare team, you can call 316-688-7500 today! We offer you the full spectrum of services and look forward to helping you meet your goals.

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