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Find Help for Venous Insufficiency and Vein Issues at PSC Vein Care

Do you have pain, swelling, cramping, bulging veins, leg pressure, changes in skin color, varicose veins, and ulcers in your legs? You are not alone. Painful, unsightly, and often disabling, venous insufficiency causes problems for millions of people.

At PSC Vein Care, you can find help for venous insufficiency and vein issues.

What is Venous Insufficiency?

It happens when the veins in your legs keep blood from flowing back up to your heart. When your valves don’t work well, your veins dilate, widen, and stretch. Venous insufficiency can also cause blood to pool and collect in your legs.

What Causes Venous Insufficiency?

People who are overweight, have been pregnant, have a family history of the disease, or who have had a leg injury may have venous insufficiency.

In addition, people with high blood pressure in their leg veins due to sitting or standing for prolonged periods may experience it. A lack of exercise, smoking, a blood clot, or even swelling in the veins close to the skin may lead to venous insufficiency.

Treatment for Venous Insufficiency

At PSC Vein Care, we treat venous insufficiency, varicose veins, and spider veins, which can be both a cosmetic and medical issue requiring attention. Our experienced staff uses vein mapping to evaluate veins and create a treatment plan. Vein treatment options include the following.

  • Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) uses heat to close the saphenous veins that contribute to varicose veins in the legs. It’s a clinically proven, minimally invasive procedure that treats superficial varicose veins and chronic insufficiency with little or no discomfort and minimal downtime.
  • With sclerotherapy, we inject your veins with a solution that causes your blood vessels to close. Sclerotherapy is the primary treatment option for spider veins.
  • Phlebectomy involves removing medium to large varicose veins through tiny skin punctures that don’t require stitches. This procedure is minimally invasive and used for veins we can’t treat with sclerotherapy.

If you’re interested in discussing your vein treatment options, your first step is a consultation with one of our vein specialists. Call 316-688-7500 to schedule your appointment.

Real Patients. Real Results.

Our patient had radiofrequency ablation, ultrasound guided sclerotherapy, and phlebectomies on both of her legs, and she is delighted with her results.

Explain your journey:

PSC Patient: Venous Insufficiency runs in my family, and at 40, I knew I needed to deal with it now and not wait until I was older. I had bulging varicose veins on both legs, and a friend of mine referred me to PSC Vein Care. The veins were big, embarrassing, and ugly. At the end of each day, my legs were very swollen and tired, and I decided to get treatment.

How were the treatments?

PSC Patient: I had treatment in five stages. I didn’t have any significant pain or complications. Post-surgery pain was two out of 10 and only lasted a day and a half. Over-the-counter meds relieved any soreness. I was tender for a few weeks, but overall, it was easy. I had expected something worse, but it wasn’t bad at all.

When did you notice a change?

PSC Patient: Visually, I noticed a change immediately. Once the bulging veins were gone, my legs were smooth. My swelling went down in about a month.

Are you happy with your results?

PSC Patient: Yes! I am so happy. I was self-conscious about my legs, but now I can show my legs and not worry about a road map of spaghetti noodles. The incisions are small, so the scars aren’t very big, and they should all fade away in six months to a year.


Do you have advice for people considering radiofrequency ablation?

PSC Patient: If you have vein issues, take care of them now. Don’t wait. Many people, young and old, have vein problems, and there is help. Also, do the calf exercises they recommend and rest your legs as needed.