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Skin Care Nurse, Jennifer

A common question heard by our skin care specialists is: How do I get rid of adult acne and treat my fine lines, wrinkles, dryness and age spots? Like most adult women, your skin may not fit into just one category – especially if you’re getting wrinkles while still having breakouts.

Fighting wrinkles and acne at the same time can be done!

We sat down with our registered nurse and skin care specialist, Jennifer Franz-Naipohn. Get the inside scoop as she shares her favorite products and treatments for fighting wrinkles and acne, including what works for her own combination skin.

Q&A with Jennifer Franz-Naipohn

Tell us about your daily skin care regimen.

Jennifer: I’ve always struggled with acne. I use Obagi CLENZIderm normal-oily acne products in the morning. They control my breakouts by targeting acne before it starts. I get so many compliments on my skin’s tone, smoothness and texture, and those are all due to the Obagi Nu-Derm™ products I use every night. They transform my skin by treating wrinkles, age spots and rough skin while evening out my skin color.

How do you feel about sunscreen?

Jennifer: I never go without it, and reapplication is key. Sun damage is the number one cause of fine lines and wrinkles. Actually, I call it outside-screen because you should wear it every time you step outside the house! I use EltaMD Clear UV 46 under my make-up. It’s great for acne prone skin. I use lightly-tinted EltaMD Physical 41 on the weekends when I don’t wear make-up. People often ask how I reapply sunscreen when wearing make-up. I use EltaMD UV Aero spray and mist it right over my make-up!

Are chemical peels part of your regimen?

Jennifer: I have a light PCA Skin chemical peel once a month. Peels can be tailored to each person’s specific skin condition – acne, aging or both.

How do you use injectables and fillers?

Jennifer: I use BOTOX Cosmetic every four months on my forehead and crow’s feet around my eyes. I started using it early enough that I am preventing wrinkles. Lots of people think BOTOX is for after you get wrinkles, but it keeps them away, too. I use Juvéderm once a year to plump areas of lost volume around my mouth and lips. It looks and feels so natural. I also like Radiesse for improving lost cheek volume.

Have you used Ultherapy?

Jennifer: Yes. It’s a great treatment for women in their 40’s and those who aren’t yet ready for a face lift. It corrected some of my skin laxity and improved my jawline.

You recently had fat grafting by one of our surgeons. How did this help you?

Jennifer: I had fat grafting under my eyes where I looked tired from circles and fine wrinkles. It was a good choice for me because my natural fat was used to plump up that area and make me look fresher and less tired.

What is your best advice?

Jennifer: Begin good skin care early – before you have lines and wrinkles. The earlier you start the less work you have down the road. If you start later, we can always address skin care needs, but sometimes not as quickly.

Skin care doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive. We work with all budgets. You don’t have to use everything I do to get really good results. It’s important, though, to use physician-grade products.

I’m in my forties, and the products and treatments I use are excellent for me. Your skin is unique, and the first step is a consultation with one of our three skin care professionals. Whether your concerns are acne, aging or both, we tailor a skin care regimen for you and your budget. We have expanded our hours and are now open evenings and weekends so you may find a time that fits your schedule.

At the Plastic Surgery Center, we are your lifelong skin care partners.


Jennifer Franz-Naipohn, Marlene Pietrocola, Lexie Hildebrand: Staff at Infinity Medical Aesthetics at the Plastic Surgery Center

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